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Facial Recognition

Watch this short video from The National to see discussions on the pros and cons of how facial recognition software is being used by retailers...

An IP camera with facial recognition software is a great solution if you need to recognise, verify or identify people. It also enables staff to improve on customer service as the software is able to identify important well as known shoplifters. The software does this by comparing faces from real-time video with a database of previously stored facial images. You can then catalogue the faces in the database according to your own requirements, access control, important visitors, or shoplifters. When the camera captures a face, the 'match' happens in real time, and a match or non-match will govern whether or not access is allowed. An alarm can be triggered to alert your staff to take action. Facial recognition software can be used in a variety of settings: - Identification of VIPS at casinos, hotels and retail stores - Identification of criminals at airports - Monitor crowds/ issues at sports stadiums